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Discover Laos and Vietnam and Live to Write About It.
Dec. 30 2015-Jan. 14, 2016
Travel, writing, and yoga are transformative experiences that can open your heart, expand your world, and put you in touch with your own deepest self. This in-depth excursion into the cultures of Vietnam and Laos will utilize writing practice and yoga as daily touchstones., .............[next]

Danu Tours

Lost Kingdoms Rediscovered: Laos and VietnamDanu Tours

Lost Kingdoms Rediscovered: Laos and Vietnam
The neighboring Buddhist countries, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia also share a wealth of ancient sites, lush locales abounding with tropical flora and fauna, national parks sheltering endangered species, stunning traditional and French Colonial architecture all packaged with Asian friendly graciousness. In this unique blend of temples, touring, arts and crafts, you will have an inter-active experience few travelers have .............[next]



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