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Comments from former travelers:

“As a frequent visitor and Joy-Based appreciator of Bali, I have known and professionally worked with Made Surya for about three years. You will thrive Spiritually through knowing this dancing man, gifted teacher and revered research associate. Appreciation, in all of its many grand and subtle aspects.”
Dr. Jerry Wyker, Carmel CA

“Surya’s insight, knowledge & application of both Balinese and western culture brought the entire experience together. Hurrah!”
Sandi Noble, Victoria  Australia

“It’s about time that the world recognized Surya’s aptitude, brilliance and ability to span the vast chasms that exist not only in the mystical and religious realms but also the cultural arena."
Jeff Clifton, Carmel Valley CA USA

“Dear Made Surya, I am so well since my return from Bali and my blood results are balanced.  So no chemotherapy for me now. I am so thankful for the time you organized with Cok Rai and for your help.”
Megan Jones, Byron Bay Australia

“When I attended the one week Intensive Balinese Healing Course recently, between the 5th-10th August 2010, I found out how informative and articulate Made Surya our guide was. Besides, being able to express himself very well, we were given a wide background into history of Balinese Healing, it's origins from the Hindu Majapahit Empire and Srivijaya Kingdoms and the depths of the meanings of rituals, ceremonies etc involved in invoking the Ancestors and Gods prior to any form of Healing. The amount of respect and reverence one has to have and the humility involved being an instrument of divine healing was shared by Surya to us, ignorant though "hungry" students who literally absorbed as much as he could offer us in the short time.
During the week, Surya ensured we were physically comfortable and intellectually and spiritually informed prior to our visits to the various honorable healers and we were informed of the "Do's " and "Don'ts" etiquette when in the presence of a Balian, hence our visits were respectful, relaxed and we benefitted immensely besides receiving healing on our worn out bodies!
The highlights of our Healing Journey were the visits to the Balian Tulang, who was so intuitive and able to get to the source of my physical body. I had had numerous accidents to my skeletal system and although the pain was excruciating, it was quick and the relief is instant and lasting, I am now able to cross my legs when meditating and walk straight and upright, going and up and down steps (especially in Bali!) became a joy than agony.
Then we had the Cleansing Fire Ceremony which was beyond words, you will have to see it to believe it!
Our experiences were only possible, because Surya is a Spiritual Man who walks his talk and practices what he preaches. We wish him the best of luck on this amazing journey of sharing Balinese Healing to the World! We look forward to our next Intensive Course in Ubud in the near future and I have recommended to my group, the Shanti Mission Harmony Centre, Sydney to attend one of these courses on our next trip.”
Jane Su-Ming Lai, NSW, Australia

“Made Surya has been my Balinese translator and guide for the past eleven years. His comprehensive understanding of Balinese culture, language, and the healing arts has enabled me to explore the rich fabric of Balinese life.
Surya's assistance has been indispensable to my work of documenting the healing techniques of the esteemed Balinese healer Cokorda Rai.”
Cal Stanny, Kuai HI USA

Date 2010
Sept. 2-8 2010

Thur. Sept. 1 Day 1: 10:00 Seminar: Introduction of members and background on Bali Hinduism and its relationship to traditional healing. Lunch Break. Afternoon regroup, and Visit to distinguished healer Cokorda Rai with chance for a check up. Afterward return to Jalan-jalan villas for discussion of experience and details on the use of mudras in his work.

Fri. Sept. 2 Day 2: 8:00 AM Purification ritual of individual group members at Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring with visit to temple. Box lunch and discussion of purification as form of healing. Journey on to Besakih to visit extraordinary healer.

Sat. Sept. 3 Day 3: 10:00 Meet for seminar on The Balian, Balinese healers. Lunch break then visit with a healer who specializes in working with bone ailments.

Sun. Sept. 4 Day 4: 9:00 Excursion to the Ubud market and talk about foods with medicinal properties. Embark on an herb walk in neighboring area. Lunch break. Field trip to Denpasar to visit with guest speaker : Dr Adi Putera of Udayana Medical Dept. on the subject comparison of traditional healing with western medicine. Question and answer session follows.

Mon. Sept. 6 Day 5: 10:00 Seminar on the Four Siblings, the mystical elements that accompany use throughout our lives. Lunch break. Afternoon field trip journey to visit yet another esteemed healer.

Tues. Sept. 7 Day 6: 10:00 Meet for talk on The magic of the Left versus the Right. Love potions, black magic and their relationship to illness. Lunch break. Afternoon visit to our fourth healer.

Wed. Sept. 8 Day 7:  10:00 Morning talk on the concept of Cakra’s and misconceptions of Tantra. Lunch break. Afternoon visit to Sanur and the home of a famed trance channeler.  Return to Ubud for final discussion and wrap-up.

Price: $700.00. Limit five participants.

Trip Package Includes:
  • All seminars, excursions and field trips mentioned in itinerary, including transport, donations and entrance fees.
  • Box lunch (Day 2)
  • Informational handouts•Services of Made Surya as Instructor and translator.

Not included: All expenses related to a personal or repeat treatments.

Deposit: A deposit of $300. with registration/release form insures space. Cancellation fee $50.00.

For Registration/Information: danu@earthlink.net / www.danutours.com


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